Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

When every second counts, the TNCC, 8th Edition, equips emergency nurses to handle life-threatening trauma patients. You will acquire the information, training, and critical thinking abilities required to deliver high-quality trauma nursing care in this course.

About TNCC

When stabilizing situations of life-threatening trauma, every second matters. You will gain the knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and training necessary to deliver high-quality trauma nursing care in this course, which is instructed by licensed nurses. You will be able to appropriately evaluate and put evidence-based interventions into practice to enhance patient outcomes after finishing this course.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:

.the most recent guidelines for trauma nursing practice
.systematic evaluation and use of care
.Identifying life-threatening injuries quickly

TNCC, 8th Edition

The 8th Edition of TNCC helps you improve your clinical skills. The most recent edition has fascinating new features and an interesting course format.

Features consist of:

.an online learning module
.Interactive instructional techniques
.Open-book, electronic exams – no more test phobia!
.updated provider manual that is evidence-based
.Course lasting 1.5 days
.CNE hours 18.25
.accessible online courses

Course Format

There are several learning approaches incorporated to accommodate each learning style, such as:

.Online manual modules
.Simulation Discussions and skill stations led by instructors in the classroom
.Manual: The most recent TNCC Provider Manual contains evidence-based material created by trauma emergency specialists. The thorough 24-chapter guidebook serves as a great resource for .future research and is a compendium of the most recent trauma nursing standards.

Online modules: Prior to the start of the course, online modules with links to more information are made available to allow you to study at your own speed, apply what you learn and get quick feedback, and go back to the material whenever you choose. The modules walk you through the entire course of care in a case study format.

Live simulation: Individual and team training are both included in TNCC. You can practice trauma patient evaluations and interventions at trauma nursing process skills stations in a safe setting.

TNCC Fast Track course option is now available! The TNCC, 8th Edition is condensed into TNCC Fast Track. It was created for nurses who prefer independent study and must renew their TNCC verification card. These students will participate in some of the didactic instruction and complete the online exam and skill station assessments needed to pass the course. After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a four-year verification card.

Why is ENA’s TNCC the right course for you?

.Experts in trauma nursing provided evidence-based information.
.program of study created exclusively for nurses
.The course material is continuously updated as trauma care advances.
.Upon successful completion, a four-year, globally recognized verification as a TNCC provider is earned.
.Boost your self-assurance while dealing with trauma patients
.Year-round, TNCC courses are offered at convenient locations close to you.
.18 and a half CNE hours


To gain verification, participants must be registered nurses with active, unrestricted nursing licenses.
Although licensed practical nurses and paramedics are qualified to take the entire course and earn CNE hours, they are not qualified to have their provider status verified.

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