this paper will combine all the CyberLearning questions and exercises.

this paper will combine all the CyberLearning questions and exercises.

You will gather your material and write a conclusion reflecting on your process. You can do this after each exercise or at the end in the conclusion.

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This paper will be a combination of bullets, graphs, tables, and written text (double spaced, 12 font). The whole paper will be about 5-8 pages.

Question 1: What’s my purpose for reading this?

Question 2: What Do you already know about this topic?
Question 3: What’s the big picture here?
Question 4: What’s the Author going to say next?
Question 5: What are the Expert Questions?
Question 6: What questions does this information raise for me?
Question 7: What information is important here?
Question 8: How can I paraphrase and summarize this information? Question 9: How can I organize this information?
Question 10: How can I picture this information?
Question 11: What’s my hook for remembering this information? Question 12: How does this information fit in with what I already know?

Suggested Outline for paper:


Your thoughts upon reading the book?
What is your purpose for writing this paper?
What you are going to focus on in this paper? (old learning and the CyberLearning) What you are hoping me as the reader takes away from reading your paper?

II.Start with the Exercise #1 & #2 (p. 26
i. Give a reflection – what did you learn?

III.Questions 1-5 talk about the highlights from these questions. (probably 3 or 4 paragraphs)

IV.Question 6 and Exercise 3 (p. 73) show your work and write a little about it.

V.Question 7 & 8 then show your work for Exercise 4 & 5 (p. 95 – 96)

VI.Question 9 & Exercise 6 (p. 102) Exercise 7 (p. 104) show work; Exercise 8 (p. 105( just

talk about it)

VII.Question 10 & Exercise 9 (p. 108) show work.

VIII.Question 11 & Exercise 10 (p. 114) (for your paper you can write something like… There are 10 key principles to memorizing. I am going to highlight 3 that I find most useful. …)& Exercise 11 (p. 119).

IX.Question 12 & A Recap – thoughts

X.Conclusion: You can talk about your Attitude shift (p.17). What you have gotten out of the first four weeks of class.

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