The Story of Sales – The history, relevance and future of this role

The Story of Sales – The history, relevance and future of this role

After viewing the video The Story of Sales (use the link ), draw on specifics of the video to discuss your impressions of the way Sales has evolved to its current state. Possible areas of consideration are…

– What did you find most surprising or informative? Do you disagree with any of this story?

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– Is the sales function shrinking or going away? If not…why not?

– Will technology eventually replace human selling? If not…what role will it play?

– What are the parallels between the module What Makes a Great Salesperson and Daniel Pink’s discussion of the New ABC’s of Selling and Ambiverts?

– In What is Sales?, Neil Rackham discusses the Consultative (Multi-call) Sale. How does it differ from Transactional selling? Are there parallels to Miller Heiman/Strategic Selling’s focus on the Complex Sale?

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