Shadow of Hate Documentary Assignment

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Shadow of Hate Documentary Assignment

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Communications and Media

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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Description: (Warning: The Documentary covers painful aspects of racial and ethnic issues that are part of the cultural fabric of the United States. Topics covered include: Bigotry, hatred, loss of life, racism, lynching’s, and other images, video clips, and language may be alarming to some viewers.) After viewing the film, The Shadow of Hate, answer each of the following questions. Click on the link above to be redirected to the film. You must use complete sentences and provide detailed responses to each question. Complete these questions in a Word and upload your file to Canvas by the due date. Questions: 1. Provide a 150 – 200 word summary of the documentary. 2. List and discuss five themes, issues, and concerns addressed in the documentary. Provide 2 – 4 sentences for each of the five themes, issues, or concerns you identify. 3. After viewing the film, how far has the United States evolved in race and ethnic relations? 4. As a message analyst and message producer, how important is it to give voice to marginalized and oppressed groups in our society? 5. How will you change or adjust your thinking when it comes to understanding multicultural discourse problems in the United States? If the film already confirms what you know when it comes to multicultural issues, how can others learn from and embrace cultural differences?

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