responses to classmates

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responses to classmates

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7/19/2020 3:45:43 PM

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07/19/2020 21:00



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1     Double-spaced (225 words)

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online discussion question

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I need 1 paragraph responses to TWO classmates’ summery/analysis/subjective responses of their chosen poem. I don’t need a title, name, teacher etc. which is why I just chose the 1 page option, I figured two paragraphs double spaced would be about one pages worth. These don’t have to be extremely long but they should be well thought out and use quotes from the poem to backup statements Teachers instructions: Respond to your classmates’ work. Read around in the posts to this discussion board and choose TWO people to reply to (minimum). Each time, read the poem your classmate selected and engage with it yourself. Read the poem your classmate selected and think for yourself. Now have an intellectual discussion about the work of art you’ve selected by engaging with your classmate’s ideas. Your task here is not simply to say “good job”” or “”I agree”” but to carry on the conversation by ADDING TO what has already been said about the poem. You don’t even have to agree with your classmate’s analysis if you don’t want to. You can support a reading of your own. Or you might agree

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