Political Violence Article Review/Critique

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Political Violence Article Review/Critique

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11/16/2019 4:44:28 PM

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11/18/2019 09:00


Political Science

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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Article Critique

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Instructions The reviews should be about 5 pages long. Imagine you are a reviewer for a good academic journal and think of how you could help the author improve the article. Are the arguments well developed in the text? Is the research design plausible? What further examples could the author include to strengthen his/her arguments? Try to provide as much constructive criticism as possible. You don’t need to summarise the paper, just critically engage with it. You should write one paper for each section of the course (civil wars, mass killings, and terrorism), but you’re free to choose any reading you prefer. The essays are due at the beginning of the class and late assignments will not be eligible for an A. Each report will account for 15% of your grade. Choose any of the following articles to critique: (Let me know which ones you want to see and I can send them to you) * Harff, B. 2003. No Lessons Learned from the Holocaust? Assessing Risks of Genocide and Political Mass Murder since 1955. American Political Science Review, 97(1):57-73. * Uzonyi, G. 2014. Domestic Unrest, Genocide and Politicide. Political Studies, 64(2):1-20. * Valentino, B., Huth, P. & Balch-Lindsay, D. 2004. “Draining the Sea””: Mass Killing and Guerrilla Warfare. International Organization

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