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Task: Write an essay in which you use a critical lens (Critical Race Theory) to make an argument about the play (Fences by August Wilson). To support your claim, use analysis of specific examples and evidence from the play.


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How to Begin:

1.  Identify a critical lens through which you will approach the play

2.  Analyze the play through this lens to make an argument (this is your thesis)

3.  Identify specific scenes from the play you believe prove your argument (this will be evidence for your body paragraphs)

4.  Based on the evidence and your argument, draw a conclusion about what we can learn about life from reading the text through this lens (this is the ‘so what’ for your thesis)


Critical Race Theory:

• What is the significance of race in contemporary American society?

• How does racism continue to function as a persistent force in American society?

• How can we combat racism to ensure that all members of American society experience equal representation and access to fundamental rights?



• 1,500 words, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman (MLA format)

• Cite your sources in-text

• Do not include any outside sources but be sure to identify the critical lens in your introduction


Extra Requirements: 

The one source is for the play (Fences by August Wilson) no other sources needed. 

Also, need an outline of the essay

Use the simplest words PLEASE!!!

Please use what is in the play accurate information only

Also, Pick the title name 


This is what I have so far and I want it to be included in the essay and outline: It\\\’s meant to be my introduction. I need this information to be included.  


The Critical Theory I have chosen to go with for my essay analysis of Fences is Critical Race Theory or also known as the CRT. It is a theoretical and interpretive style that looks at how race and prejudice present themselves in common cultural expressions. Fences discuss race relations and the emerging African-American experience. According to critical race theory (CRT), racial inequality arises from the social, economic, and legal differences that white people make between races in order to preserve upper white interests in labor markets. Racism appears several times throughout the play fences, one great example is when Troy and Bono discuss the lack of black drivers at the sanitation company and how saying anything about it could cost them their job. This proves that racial imbalance that existed in the 1950s and is expressed in the play Fences is still relatively recent, illustrating America\\\’s lack of racial equality.


Thank you!!!

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