Philosophy paper

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Philosophy paper

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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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For the final project, students are asked to contribute a section in a zine, composed collectively by all members of the class (Not familiar with zines?Read a brief history of zines (p.4-5) or see examples). Your contribution can be an academic writing, essay, or creative work. Our collective zine—tentatively entitled “I SEE YOU”—is to explore the politics of racialized and gendered bodies that we’ve discussed throughout the semester. The title invites us to consider not only the problem of mutual recognition between subjects with differences, but also the socio-political context in which our bodies are situated, perceived and (mis)recognized. Possible topic areas include but not limited to: -‘Otherness’ in race or gender relations-Unconscious habits of racializing perception/ vision-Whiteness & white privilege-Body politics and gender norms-Gender beyond the binary-Intersectional feminism or women of color feminism•Planning your project-Essay/ academic writing/ letter (1000-1200 words): Choose a specific topic within the area of your choice and identify from the course readings the text/ author you’d like to draw on primarily. I’m providing some sample topics below to give you an idea, but I strongly encourage you to come up with your own topic by considering the following questions: What was the insight you were given by the author/text? How did it help you better understand your own experience of racial or gender relations? What original ideas can you contribute to the discussion on the topic?


Here is some sources to use in the paper.8871-Butler.PerformativeActsandGenderConstitution1.pdf

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