Pharmacology 2

Drug Therapy of Gout


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Case Study#10

Mr. R, a 42-year-old, is seen in a primary care clinic for a painful and swollen toe. The healthcare provider diagnoses Mr. R with gout after bloodwork reveals he has hyperuricemia. Mr. R has the following questions.

1.     Why do I have gout, and what is gout? Will I have this for the rest of my life?

2.     What is the treatment plan for gout?




Case study#11

You have been assigned to develop a care plan for a patient who had a myocardial infarction 10 days ago. The patient is a 76-year-old man who lives alone and cooks for himself. He was prescribed a bulk-forming laxative.

1.     What can you tell this patient about the use of bulk-forming laxatives?

2.     Besides taking the bulk-forming laxative, what else can this patient do to prevent constipation?




Basic Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy

Case study#12

As a nurse manager in the acute care setting, you are concerned with the emergence of resistance to antibiotics in antimicrobial therapy. You decide to host a continuing education seminar on the topic. You plan to address the following questions.

1.     What factors contribute to antibiotic resistance?

2.     What can healthcare providers do to prevent resistance?


Please get answers from Book posted. and place all Questions and answers in paper please. Thanks  

Book used is 

Pharmocology for Nurses

A Pathophysiologic Approach

6th edition, Authour Michael Adams, Norman Holland, Carol Urban 

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