Organizational Innovation

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Organizational Innovation

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This essay gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learned in this lesson by assuming that you are the CEO of a medium–sized company of your choosing. You can select an existing company (not one already considered an innovative organization) or write about a fictional company. Write an essay that describes how you would apply each of the elements listed above to your organization to ensure that it supports the innovative mindset. Use the questions/prompts in Step 1 to organize your essay. Deliverable: The essay for this lesson is required to be a minimum of 750 words that clearly demonstrate your understanding of the activity. essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion written in APA format. Activity Details: Step 1: Read the following questions and use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to summarize your responses: How will you recruit and develop the most creative employees? How will you develop and organize your leaders to support the innovative mindset? What is your company’s mission statement and vision, and how do they encourage and support creativity and innovation in your organization? Step 2: Write a paper. Use these writing guidelines: Include a cover page and references in addition to your required word count. Use correct APA format. Double–space text. Use size 12 Times New Roman. Use section headings to organize. Indent paragraphs. Include in–text citations.

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