Merger analysis – Facebook & Whatsapp

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Merger analysis – Facebook & Whatsapp

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ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1. Consider Facebook’s generic strategy. What are the strategic motives for acquiring WhatsApp? And, in light of the value drivers, what is your view on the $22bn price tag? 2. Reflect on best practices across the M&A phases. Which practices would you expect FB to (not) use in the acquisition of WA? And, in light of the two companies business models, what frictions would you anticipate, and how could these be overcome during implementation? 3. Remember the relevance of learning across different corporate development activities to firm survival. Choose and recommend one (imaginary or actual) target for FB post the WA acquisition. What target would this be, what type of corporate development would you recommend for that deal, why, and how could FB learn from its earlier experience to make that deal succeed? Please link the different elements of your answer to concepts laid out in the course readings. 4. Reflect on the key insights you learned during this module. Selecting a company of your own choosing, what can your company of choice learn from the key insights of this module? And what does its 3-point action list look like to implement these insights? Please be specific.

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