Loyalty, an Abstract Noun

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Loyalty, an Abstract Noun

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2     Double-spaced (500 words)

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The purpose of this assignment is to write a five paragraph, 500 word extended definition of a word or concept. The word or concept you choose should be an abstract noun, as opposed to a concrete noun. It would be very difficult to write a five paragraph essay about “chalk” because that can be defined in a few sentences, as opposed to “motherhood,” an abstract noun that requires a much longer explanation. Consider employing the same outline attached to every assignment to complete the essay. In the introduction begin with a significant statement that will present the importance of your topic. You may indicate how difficult your word is for some people to define or understand, or you may mention how most people don’t fully understand the definition of your word. You may also mention what your word is not, if that is going to be one of your developmental paragraphs. If you choose to mention what your word is not (negation), be sure there is a logical reason for doing so. For example, it is logical to mention that a whale is not a fish because whales and fish share many of the same characteristics. Next you should write a strong, clear thesis statement that will define and limit your topic. Finally, your introduction should include the three points of development that your paper will present. Be sure to mention them in the same order that you will use to develop them. You may use negation as one of your three points. In the body paragraphs (#s 2,3,4) begin with a topic sentence which will define and limit your paragraph. Give at least three examples of each topic and illustrate each example with concrete illustrations. Conclude each paragraph with a tie-up or transitional sentence. Your conclusion should be a developed paragraph (with a bare minimum of three sentences). Begin with reference to your significant/thesis statement. Remind your reader of your three points of development without repeating them. Tie up the paragraph with an appropriate concluding statement. This essay is to be written in the third person perspective. You can define any term you like but they should be abstract nouns such as, honor, faith, love, justice, power, Capitalism, Socialism, God, freedom, etc. These are just suggestions and any original term is encouraged. This is the last assignment of the semester. Make sure you follow the format sheet and assignment description as closely as possible. Carefully proofread the essay to avoid grammar, punctuation, format and proofreading errors. This essay requires at least one credible source listed on a Works Cited page, and to be cited in the proper MLA format.

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