How to Write a Grad School Application Essay

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It can be challenging to write an essay for graduate school application. However, by taking the time to plan and organize their thoughts prior to writing their personal statement, students can make the process simpler.

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Students can use a number of techniques to create an attention-grabbing graduate school personal statement. These actions entail creating a strong outline, expressing a compelling and memorable thesis, outlining particular arguments pertinent to the subject, and spending enough time editing and proofreading the essay before turning it in.

What Is a Grad School Application Essay?

Graduate programs might learn more about applicants by reading their essays for graduate school entrance or applications. Grad school essays give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate how their personalities, accomplishments, and prior experiences have shaped their career interests and potential for academic success. An applicant’s grade point average (GPA), transcripts, and test scores only tell part of their story.

Students are given some latitude in a personal statement to highlight how their prior experiences, professional aspirations, and interest in a potential program have influenced their chances of success in and suitability for graduate school.
A student’s motivations for applying to a program are stated in their statement of purpose. The student often discusses how their research interests, academic background, and job objectives will affect their life after graduate school.
A letter of intent is a concise essay that outlines a student’s qualifications, successes, and objectives in relation to the graduate program they wish to attend.

What Are Admissions Officers Looking for in a Grad School Essay?

Typically, admissions staff members look over these essays to gauge how well candidates could fit into a graduate school and achieve academic success. Reviewers also try to get a feel of how effectively potential students handle pressure, overcome obstacles, and meet the requirements of a demanding program.

Graduate school essays should demonstrate how well students handle feedback on their work. Additionally, graduate school offers a space where people can investigate other theories and viewpoints. In order to accomplish this, admissions staff members search for indicators of students’ receptivity to various points of view and their capacity for writing down their thoughts.

Sample Grad School Application Essay

Prompt: Why do you wish to pursue a graduate degree in communication studies at the University of Oklahoma and how does it relate to your career goals?

I had a breast biopsy three years ago after two mammograms were unable to rule out a suspicious tumor. Before the procedure, my oncological surgeon and I had a meeting. Although she had excellent technical skills, her bedside approach made me feel anxious, unsure, and unconfident in my ability to manage a potential cancer diagnosis. In addition, I felt helpless in trying to meet my health needs as a patient because of my doctor’s incapacity to connect with me directly.

Many people who are ill believe they have been robbed of their dignity. During a doctor’s appointment is one of the most important situations where patients can keep their dignity. I want to study how relationships between doctors and patients might benefit patients by conducting research and teaching courses in an academic context.

How long should a grad school application essay be?

Most applicants should expect to write at least 500 words for their grad school admission essay. However, length varies by graduate program. Many application materials contain specific instructions on how to write the essay, including word limits.

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