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online discussion question

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Read: “3 Fields to Pay Attention to UX, Technical Communication, and Content Strategy,” http://guiseppegetto.com/2015/02/11/3-fields-to-pay-attention-to-ux-technical-communication-and-content-strategy/ “Usability and User Experience Research,” https://writingcommons.org/section/research/research-methods/empirical-research-primary-research-scientific-research/usability-and-user-experience-research/ “Content strategists: What do they do?” https://web.archive.org/web/20190409175802/http://contentini.com/content-strategists-what-do-they-do/ “How to Perform a Content Audit to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy” https://www.semrush.com/blog/content-audit-for-content-marketing-strategy/ “Using Customer Segmentation to Get the Right Amount of Feedback,” http://www.usertesting.com/blog/2014/12/17/customer-segmentation/ Write: Make a substantive comment on a recent post on the course website. Try to say something meaningful about the information there to the rest of the class. You are also encouraged to respond to any other comments you find on that post. Alternately: post something you think to be interesting to the rest of the class, such as a news article or local announcement. For “3 Fields to Pay Attention to”: What do all these fields have in common? What type of professional is best suited for them? What are the key differences between them? “Usability and User Experience Research”: What is usability and why is it important in the current economy? How do you do a usability test and what are the important things to test for? “Content strategists: What do they do?”: what is a content strategist? What kinds of information do they deal with and what is the purpose of their writing? What kinds of skill sets are essential for being an effective content strategist? “How to Perform a Content Audit to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy”: what is a content audit and why would you perform one for an organization? What would the audit do for the organization? “Using Customer Segmentation”: What are customer segments? Why are they useful in product development?

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