examples for precis writing

What would you say if you had to summarize “The Merchant of Venice” in 15 to 20 lines? The main events or highlights of a play with more than 2000 sentences would be specifically discussed before you wrap it up. Precise writing is precisely what it sounds like. A common and fundamental literary writing skill that can be used in many contexts and is a key component of the curriculum for classes 8 and 9, bank tests, government exams, MBA admission exams, and other exams, is precise writing. Learn about precis writing, examples with solutions, advice, and a practice worksheet to help you improve your writing.

What is Precis Writing?

There is a synopsis at Precis Writing. It is a compression exercise. A precis writing summarizes any passage in the fewest feasible terms. A precis should include all pertinent information from the original paragraph so that anyone reading it can comprehend the main concept.

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Using the aforementioned example as a guide, you won’t add your own opinions and will stick to the characters’ tones and expressions when describing the key moments and happenings in The Merchant of Venice. Additionally, you won’t discuss any unimportant events. This is how writing a precis operates. Making a paragraph or other piece of writing as succinct as you can without having to use a lot of words

When writing a synopsis, you must keep the passage’s theme while without leaving out any crucial details. Carefully read the material before drawing any conclusions about its significance. The initial reading of it might take some time, but subsequent readings may only require a quick scan of the pages. For precise writing to effectively express the same information in a condensed form, a deep comprehension of the story or text is necessary.

Use of Precis Writing

People frequently wish to review the highlights of articles, reports, news, meetings, movies, books, etc. The goal of precis writing in this situation is to convey the important ideas to the audience while maintaining the proportion, tone, and overall theme of the text. The following situations need for precise writing:

.To ensure that students understand the main points of a chapter, precise writing can be utilized to summarize it.
.Companies also employ precise writing for meeting highlights, job descriptions, etc.
.In movies, precis writing is frequently used to summarize the key points of the story.
.in order to convey the essence of a scientific study or research, precise writing is also needed.

How to write a Precis?

Writing a synopsis necessitates a thorough understanding of the elements that will serve as the necessary highlights of the text due to the emphasis placed on keeping a precis concise. Although it may seem simple, understanding a book and maintaining its theme calls for sharp talents and a lot of creative thinking. Here are some simple steps to writing a concise precis.

Qualities of a Good precis

What standards are used to evaluate a precis writing? A good precis should have the qualities listed below.

.precise and exact
.coherent and clear
.good connections
.A suitable heading

Essential rules for a good Precis Writing 

Let’s look at a few pointers to assist you master your precis now that you know how to create one.

Keep your writing succinct and to the point.
Shorten your words. Use ‘because’ rather than ‘due to,’ ‘despite’ rather than ‘in spite of the fact that,’ etc.
Make sure your writing is clear and easy to follow. Stay away from jargon and long sentences.
Keep the main points of the text.
Your content should accurately represent the facts and data and should be a small mirror of the main material.


Title: Human Evolution and Emotions

Human emotions and how they respond to environmental stimuli have evolutionary roots. Emotions are said to develop as a result of repeatedly experiencing a particular event.
According to evolution, certain reactions to specific conditions are what lead to feelings like fear, love, pretense, rage, and disgust. Some idioms are frequently developed or modified as a means of self-defense.

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