Evaluating a script

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Evaluating a script

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There is no film without the script. An actor can make a great script bad, but he cannot make a bad script good. Typically in screenwriting the writer sells their script to a production company and bows out of what happens next. Sometimes writers are invited to be a part of the visual creative process but not necessarily. Unless the writer is the director or someone else closely involved in the visual creation. A script is where the magic begins. The beginning of a world that will go from a persons mind to a visual entity that is shared with many. Characters are memorable (Lemony Snicket), story\’s are unforgettable (The Notebook) and locations leave a lasting impression (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit). Directions For this week you will evaluate a movie script you have not seen. When reading a script use a creative mind to imagine the world you are seeing on paper. It is important to pick a script to a film you have not seen because then you can make up your own visual interpretations. Answer the following questions in your assignment. Why did you pick this script? Is it story heavy, (Rock N Rolla), character focused (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), or have unusual settings (Tron)? What visual ideas do you have? Do the characters have specific traits you can emphasize on? How close to the script do you want to stay? Will you change the writer\’s writing to fit your interpretation? After you have completed the assignment, watch the film you chose and discuss it in the discussion post. Do not discuss the actual film in your assignment. Save it for the discussion board. Use the links below to find a script. https://www.simplyscripts.com/ http://moviescriptsandscreenplays.com/ Submission Instructions Please submit 2 to 3 pages in MLA format. Which means, works cited page goes at the end of this written assignment.

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