Environmental Science – How Poverty and Affluence Affect Environmental Degradation

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Environmental Science – How Poverty and Affluence Affect Environmental Degradation

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10/31/2020 7:58:36 AM

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10/31/2020 14:00


Environmental Issues

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online discussion question

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Answer both parts of the discussion (professor can choose from topic for Part 2 from list provided). Include APA sourcing. Both poverty and affluence contribute to increased environmental degradation. Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle tries to achieve a middle-ground between these two human states. However, the most-widely accepted definition of sustainability (from Brundtland Report) is relatively broad and leaves lots of room for interpretation. Consider the following questions as a starting point for our discussion of sustainability. Part 1. Explain how both poverty and affluence contribute to environmental degradation? How does sustainability try to find a balance between these two human states? How should we define what our “needs” are or what determines ones “quality of life”? Part 2. Choose one of the examples of sustainability projects/initiatives from the list below and describe in what ways it is meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In what ways, if any does the project fall short of this definition of sustainability? Edmonds Community College. (n.d.). Urban agriculture, Catalog of programs. Lynwood, WA: Edmonds Community College. CNN Business (n.d.). Walmart measures sustainability (Video 4 min). Youtube.com Salshutz, E. (2013). Five examples of successful urban agriculture done differently around the world. Foodtank.com. UN. (2005-2011). UN development program in Rwanda. New York, NY: United Nations; Outreach Program.

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