Construction Business

I own a small construction company that is building its online presence. I need to create company descriptions for my sites and for advertising material.  I would like to have well-written sentences and short paragraphs that’ll show the professionalism of our company. I’m not very good at writing or the business aspect. 


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The Google business page is here with lots of pictures of our work to get an idea of what we do:


#1 Short Company Description: (20 words)

Current: Construction & excavation company specializing in excavation, grading, rock work, and concrete.


#2 Description with exactly or less than 255 characters: (30 words)

Current: Stormheart Construction & Excavating is a northern Colorado based sitework construction company that specializes in start-to-finish earthwork and earthwork related construction in residential and commercial.


#3 Linkedin Headline: (10 words)

Quick headline for me as the business owner

Current: Excavation Operator & Rock Work at stormheart construction    


#4 Linkedin Summary:  (100 words)

Paragraph of my experiences from the keywords below as a business owner of a construction company 

Current: Experience as a heavy equipment operator specializing in grade work, heavy civil construction, and underground utility installation. I have then passed on to newer operators and laborers through various leadership roles and the company stormheart construction. 


#5 About Page: (200 words)

Write a company description of what we do and  why you should choose us over another company. 


#6 Team Website Page:  (100-200 words)


Write a paragraph talking about why our workers are good. State they are OSHA 30 certified, understanding of confined spaces safety, are a trenching and excavation competent person. Talk about how safety and quality of work is a priority.    

1. experienced  

2. quality   

3. safety    


#7 Business Description Paragraph: (20 words) Similar to the about page but more straight to the point  


#8 Adwords: (30 words)

Advertisement campaigns write a good description for what we do and for advertising.

current: stormheart construction | Excavation, Concrete,   Contractor For Excavation, Construction, and Remodeling Projects. Excavation, Grading, Demolition, Concrete. We Are Your Complete Solution. Licensed and Insured. In house designer and architect to provide all conceptual renders.


#9 Product Page: (350 words)

Write a small product description 25-35 words ~255 characters for each of the topics.




From vacant land to permit ready lots, stormheart provides asphalt and Concrete Subgrade Preparation services for large and small residential subdivisions as well as civil, commercial, and industrial developments.


9a: Excavation ( dirt removal, lot preparation, earthwork, utility lines, trenching)

9b: Grading (Concrete Subgrade Preparation,asphalt, drainage, parking)

9c: Design/planning/conceptual (cad rendering, perspective drawings)

9d: Concrete (foundations, flatwork, walkways, driveways, patios)

9e: Demolition (concrete, clean up, brush, dirt removal)

9f: rock work (landscape slabs boulders rock work retainment walls hardscape)

9g: Fencing (wood metal fence perimeter)

9h: Landscape (hardscape,  irrigation, design, sod)

9i: Renovation (remodeling, income property restoration, improvements)


If you have any questions about it please let me know what you need. Below are keywords of stuff we do and some of our current 


Here are some concept ideas and text material from our current website:     

DESIGN  stormheart has a strong working relationship with several engineers and planners. If you are already working with an engineer, we have the expertise to collaborate with them successfully. 

CONCEPTUAL PLANNING  By involving us early in the planning stages we can provide you with advice based on our past experiences with similar projects. We can also offer new ideas.    

BUDGETING  We maintain detailed job files that provide extensive insight into what works well. This information along with our team’s experience makes budgeting quick and accurate.   


Keywords for our services and work:  Commercial / Residential  Earthwork / Overlot Grading  Mass Excavation  Asphalt and Concrete Subgrade Preparation  Construction, Excavation, Earthwork, Excavation, Grading, Dirt Removal, Concrete, Demolition, Rock Work, Landscape, Hardscape, Retainment Walls, Fencing  Concept rendering, CAD, design, perspective drawings  Concrete, Concrete Demolition, Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Foundation  Structural Excavation, and Backfill  Building Site Grading

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