Climate change articel for Planning Review (New Zealand)

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Climate change articel for Planning Review (New Zealand)

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5/29/2020 11:29:33 PM

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06/07/2020 23:59


Environmental Issues

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4.5     Single-spaced (2700 words)

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Research Paper

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Write an article about climate change for the Planning Review that sets out the key barriers to and mechanisms that enable, effective action by a regional council if it wants to achieve on-the-ground implementation of New Zealand’s current policy direction on that topic. Lots will be drawn to decide which regional council you will have for this assignment. The paper needs to identify the allotted regional council position, review the existing mechanisms (if any) that are currently being used by the regional council and present, with supporting analyses and measurable indicators of success, options that the Council could take to better achieve local implementation of New Zealand’s global responsibilities. The structure of the article is to be as follows: 1. Introduction: place the article within the overall context of global and local responsibilities, and set out the purpose of the article; 2. Background: the specific context of the research (the national and local mandates and main mechanisms available to them, the existing and foreseeable, in the short term, national direction provided to regional and unitary councils to act on the issue); 3. Methods you have used in your research (with references to authoritative literature on the method); 4. Results: your analysis of the existing mechanisms being used by the council to address these issues; discussion of options available to the Council to address climate change or biodiversity (including measurable indicators of success); and 5. Conclusion: a brief summary and comment on the extent to which local actions under current and foreseeable national policy settings will enable New Zealand to meet its global obligations. 6. Reference list: References MUST be full, accurate, and in a consistent recognized scholarly style (e.g., Harvard). NB references to legislation should not form part of your reference list, but be in a separate List of Legislation and the legislation’s short title is sufficient (short title includes the year of the Act, not that in which the legislation was amended). Word limit: 2,500 (excluding references and captions for diagrams/tables or photos)

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