Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

When every second counts, the TNCC, 8th Edition, equips emergency nurses to handle life-threatening trauma patients. You will acquire the information, training, and critical thinking abilities required to deliver high-quality trauma nursing care in this course.

About TNCC

When stabilizing situations of life-threatening trauma, every second matters. You will gain the knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and training necessary to deliver high-quality trauma nursing care in this course, which is instructed by licensed nurses. You will be able to appropriately evaluate and put evidence-based interventions into practice to enhance patient outcomes after finishing this course.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:

.the most recent guidelines for trauma nursing practice
.systematic evaluation and use of care
.Identifying life-threatening injuries quickly

TNCC, 8th Edition

The 8th Edition of TNCC helps you improve your clinical skills. The most recent edition has fascinating new features and an interesting course format.

Features consist of:

.an online learning module
.Interactive instructional techniques
.Open-book, electronic exams – no more test phobia!
.updated provider manual that is evidence-based
.Course lasting 1.5 days
.CNE hours 18.25
.accessible online courses

Course Format

There are several learning approaches incorporated to accommodate each learning style, such as:

.Online manual modules
.Simulation Discussions and skill stations led by instructors in the classroom
.Manual: The most recent TNCC Provider Manual contains evidence-based material created by trauma emergency specialists. The thorough 24-chapter guidebook serves as a great resource for .future research and is a compendium of the most recent trauma nursing standards.

Online modules: Prior to the start of the course, online modules with links to more information are made available to allow you to study at your own speed, apply what you learn and get quick feedback, and go back to the material whenever you choose. The modules walk you through the entire course of care in a case study format.

Live simulation: Individual and team training are both included in TNCC. You can practice trauma patient evaluations and interventions at trauma nursing process skills stations in a safe setting.

TNCC Fast Track course option is now available! The TNCC, 8th Edition is condensed into TNCC Fast Track. It was created for nurses who prefer independent study and must renew their TNCC verification card. These students will participate in some of the didactic instruction and complete the online exam and skill station assessments needed to pass the course. After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a four-year verification card.

Why is ENA’s TNCC the right course for you?

.Experts in trauma nursing provided evidence-based information.
.program of study created exclusively for nurses
.The course material is continuously updated as trauma care advances.
.Upon successful completion, a four-year, globally recognized verification as a TNCC provider is earned.
.Boost your self-assurance while dealing with trauma patients
.Year-round, TNCC courses are offered at convenient locations close to you.
.18 and a half CNE hours


To gain verification, participants must be registered nurses with active, unrestricted nursing licenses.
Although licensed practical nurses and paramedics are qualified to take the entire course and earn CNE hours, they are not qualified to have their provider status verified.

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2. School Solver

A marketplace for schoolwork, tasks, and projects is called School Solver.

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3. 24houranswers

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4. Chegg Tutors

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The first tutoring platform was

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6. Help with Assignment

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8. Wyzant

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9. TutorMe

Students can learn through online courses at TutorMe, a website for online education.

They also employ tutors to teach subjects like physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics, and more.

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Essays About Education: 20 Topic Ideas For Students

Does education matter? These 20 essays about education demonstrate that it is and serve as excellent starting points for your own writing.

More than 50.7 million pupils attend public schools in America alone. Since practically every family in the nation is impacted by the role that education plays in society, it is important to talk about this issue.

A population with more education is better able to tackle problems as they arise. But sometimes it can be difficult for authors to compose essays regarding the value of education.

Most individuals can agree on this subject, but few people can explain and elaborate on it. If you require an essay writing prompt but also need to prepare a paper about the value of education to society, use this list.

1. Education Helps Reduce Hunger

Did you know that a decent education and having enough to eat go hand in hand? Researchers observed that a mother’s education had a substantial impact on whether or not the child would experience hunger issues in one study of kids in Nairobi. The child is fed better the more educated the mother is.

2. The Importance Of Education On Maternal Health And Child Survival Rate

According to statistics, kids with educated mothers have a twofold higher chance of living to be in school than kids with ignorant mothers. Compared to children born to moms with no education, those born to mothers with 12 years of education have a 30% lower risk of passing away before entering kindergarten. Your article might concentrate on the value of education, particularly for women, and how it keeps the next generation from dying out too soon. You can go over the various justifications for this relationship in your essay.

3. The Importance Of Education For Economic Growth In A Community

An upgrade in a community’s educational system is necessary if you wish to see its economy improve. A community’s ability to sustain continuous economic growth depends heavily on its educated populace. You can go into this in your essay about the value of education.

4. How Education Empowers Females In A Community

As was previously said, educated women lower the incidence of child mortality, which benefits the community as a whole.
In today’s society, issues like diversity and gender inclusion are crucial, and education could play a significant role. Women can take charge of their lives when they develop financial independence. Additionally, as was already said, educated females lower the risk of child mortality, which helps the community as a whole.

5. Education Reduces The Risk Of Violent Extremism

Violent extremism can start anything from riots to wars, especially among religious organizations. Students with little or no education may have a worldview that is very narrowly focused, which makes them vulnerable to extremist ideologies.

Education appears to lower extremism rates and create a generation that rejects these extreme viewpoints on a global scale. Terrorism and radical extremism may decline as education levels rise. Both the population’s economic stability and its tolerance of other cultures have increased. These facts might be expanded upon in your essay, along with suggestions for how to enhance education in underdeveloped nations to lessen the problem of international terrorism.

6. The Impact Of Education On The Environment

The effect of education on the environment should be taken into account when you analyze the reasons why education is important. Teachers can discuss environmental issues with children in traditional education and show them what they can do to protect the environment for future generations. Additionally, those with degrees are statistically more likely to embrace environmentally friendly practices in their personal and professional lives as they age.

Why Starting Your Nursing Career As A Registered Nurse Makes Sense

There are numerous options available to nursing students for continuing their education. Some people start off as LPNs, get a job, and later get their BSN and become registered nurses. In your essay, you might suggest that nurses would be better served by acquiring RN credentials right away and that this might not be the best career choice.

Saving time and money by starting with a bachelor’s degree and registered nursing certification Additionally, it makes nursing jobs with greater salaries possible. Starting out with one makes sense because many hospitals now demand a BSN and a registered nursing credential as the foundational credential for their nursing employees.

When Does It Make Sense To Become An Advanced Practice Nurse?

A nurse with a master’s degree or post-level master’s training is considered an advanced practice nurse. A licensed nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist, a qualified registered nurse anesthetist, and a certified nurse-midwife are all included in this. If you want to know whether it makes sense for the typical nursing student to pursue advanced practice nursing, you might examine case studies and career options in your essay.

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of an advanced degree as you think about this. For nurses and their families, the expense and time commitment might be challenging, but the payoff in terms of salary and career possibilities may be worth that cost. Choose a position on this issue, then provide evidence for it in your essay.

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Expository Essays: A Complete Guide

You write a lot of essays, and while they may all have certain traits like a certain format, they may also differ greatly from one another. While other essays examine the distinctions and similarities between literary works, others aim to persuade the reader that the point you’re making is the correct one. In addition to this, you can be required to produce articles that instruct the reader about topics, occasions, and concepts while occasionally walking them through actions. Expository essays are what these papers are called.

What is an expository essay?

An expository essay is one that conveys information through facts. Expository writing is the general term for this kind of writing. Expository essays use a variety of frameworks, such as compare and contrast, process essays, and cause and effect analysis, to convey their points of view.

One of the four main styles of writing is expository writing. The other types of writing include narrative, descriptive, and persuasive.

Any student should be able to produce different kinds of essays and an expository essay, thus learning how to do so is crucial. Expository writing is the type of writing where you position facts and observations to let them speak for themselves in the most powerful way possible; it’s not the type of writing where you want to be charming, clever, or edgy. It’s the style of writing you produce when you analyze the material you’ve been given to research, think critically about the ideas you’ve learned in class, and justify the thought processes and conclusions you’ve drawn.

The purpose of expository writing

The goal of expository writing is to inform the reader. Although it might also amuse or convince the reader, these are side effects and not the author’s intention. Expository writing that is well-written displays the author’s knowledge of the subject and, frequently, how they came to know it.

You might be required to write an essay about the class’s mock trial, for instance. You would introduce the task and the case your class worked on throughout the trial in this essay. You would then go on to discuss each stage of the mock trial procedure (discovery, opening statements, cross-examination, closing arguments, jury deliberation, and verdict), as well as how your class handled each of these stages, in the subsequent body paragraphs.

Types of expository essays

As we have mentioned, explanatory essays can take many different formats. They consist of the following:

Classification essays

In a classification essay, you explore several topics within a single category while also highlighting the traits that distinguish each topic from the others in the category. You may, for instance, categorize the various types of herding dogs in your essay. Your thesis statement would be how herding breeds differ from other dog breed groups. Then, in each paragraph, you would discuss a different herding breed (corgi, collie, heeler, etc.).

Compare-and-contrast essays

In a compare and contrast essay, you defend your thesis statement by comparing and contrasting the given sources. You may, for instance, compare and contrast the dress codes at your school with those at two other nearby schools in an essay. The distinctions in what types of clothing are permitted and not permitted, the general clarity of each dress code’s terminology, and the amount of “gray area” present in each policy could all be examined in your body paragraphs.

Cause-and-effect essays

A cause-and-effect essay explores how particular incidents or behaviors led to subsequent events, as the name suggests. Sometimes they follow the progression of events to investigate why we are in the current situation that we are. An essay analyzing how altering market patterns over the previous few decades have affected the industries in your area and produced the current local economy would be an example of a cause-and-effect essay.

How expository essays are structured

Expository essays have the same basic format as other types of essays: an introduction, a body of paragraphs that support and elaborate on the ideas you made in your introduction, and a conclusion that restates your thesis.

How do you write an expository essay?

Learn the etiquette and guidelines for essay writing before you start your next expository essay. You can structure your essay using the fundamental rules provided above, and you can decide how best to present your material. However, since you are writing an expository essay, it is equally crucial that you comprehend and take into account all the features that set expository essays apart from other types of writing.

You write the essay, Grammarly gives it extra polish

It’s extremely crucial that your writing is error-free in expository essays. Even if your ideas and observations are sound, readers won’t get as much out of your writing as they would if it was error-free since spelling and grammar errors damage your credibility as a writer.

Because of this, proofreading is crucial. . . and the reasons Grammarly is so useful. Use Grammarly to find any errors or unclear sentences that may have slipped past you while you were proofreading your essay before submitting it. Additionally, it can guarantee that the tone you use throughout your article is the tone you intend to use.

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Mental Illness Essay Topics Examples and Ideas

If you have a psychological essay to write, there’s a good chance you’ll second-guess whether to focus on psychological stability or one of the more prevalent problems. Many issues from the domains of psychological health and nerve illnesses are covered in essays on mental illness.

The decision of what to write about is important. The correct topic will inspire you to conduct extensive research, make well-informed arguments, and create an engaging conclusion. Additionally, it can assist you pique readers’ interest and encourage them to read your essay in its entirety.

We choose to assist you because we realized that many students don’t know where to start. Below are some topics for essays on mental illness that you can utilize to compose.

Mental Illness Argumentative Essay Topics

To excel at argumentative essay writing, you need access to existing literature so that you can collect and produce compelling evidence. Not all topics dedicated to psychological disorders are viable for extensive and detailed research. Here are some good argumentative essay topics to inspire you.

1How Your Day-to-Day Life Is Affected by Mental Health
2Methods for Combating Postnatal Depression
3The Need to Reduce Stigma Associated with Psychological Illness
4The Primary Causes of Mental Illness Being Less Common in the LGBT Community than the General Population
5Why Do We Need to Take the High Rate of Teen Depression Seriously?
6The Purpose of Mental Health Programs in Developing Nations
7Investigating Potential Responses to Stigmatization of Patients with Psychiatric Health
8Does Cognitive Illness Affect Society?
9Why Knowledge of the Subconscious Mind and Self-Knowledge are Important
10Teenage Depression: The Leading Causes and Prevention

Persuasive Essay Topics on Mental Illness

You must adopt a position when writing a persuasive essay about psychological disorders. You must convince readers of your position in order to develop a persuasive argument. You can obtain pertinent proof and comprehensive, factual material by researching the persuasive paper topics listed below.

1Parenting Practices and the Development of the Antisocial Personality Disorder
2Anxiety and chronic stress are the main causes of long-term relationship separation.
3Is Depression Heritable?
4School Programs Can Help Students with Learning Disabilities Significantly
5The Impact of Social Media on the Rise of Eating Disorders
6Future mental illness is caused by child abuse.
7Digital Communication’s Impact on the Growth of Social Anxiety
8How Addiction to Video Games Affects Mental Health
9Legal Changes Affecting Mental Health
10Depression’s Best Psychotherapies

How to Choose a Good Topic

Finding a solid essay topic about mental illness can be challenging. We have put up this step-by-step manual to assist you. It can be used whenever you need to select a subject, whether you are thinking about social studies or psychological health subjects.

1Make a list of all the prospective topics for papers on mental illness.
2Determine your level of interest in writing about each of them.
3Determine which of the topics you are interested in can be adequately covered in the allotted essay length.
4After finishing the review, trim your list of potential subjects.
5Create a research question based on the subjects listed in your list.
6Review the available literature.
7Pick the most intriguing subject to study from the body of available books.

Useful Help for Choosing a Relevant Essay Topic

As you can see, there are numerous subjects for essays on mental illness that you can select from. A list of argumentative and persuasive essay themes about mental illness was also offered. Given the quantity of tasks you have to complete and the tight deadlines, it makes sense if you find it difficult to select a topic. Contact EduBirdie if you require further assistance, and we will work with you to complete a superior psychological essay on time.

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Admission essay writers help 24/7

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Writing an essay for the first time

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Overcoming writing blocks

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Medical faculty admission essay

Future medical students might use our service to write their college admission essays. As you decide what to put in your essay, mention your professional accomplishments or other qualities that will help you do well on entrance exams. We organize the information in the manner required by a medical school based on your specifications.

Psychology faculty admission essay

In order to assist you with writing admission papers for your entry, several of Essay Shark. com’s college application essay writers have degrees in psychology. Tell us if you practice psychology or volunteer for specialized mental health groups so we may include that information in your application.

Benefits You Get Instantly Using Our Admission Essay Service

As you probably already know, our website is one of the most well-known admission essay writing services that aid students in submitting their best applications. Learn more about how we can benefit you and how. Therefore, before placing an order on our website, it is crucial to be aware of the following benefits.

1Free plagiarism checker

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Highest essay quality

We give each text component careful consideration. Prior to sending you bids, our admissions essay writers carefully examine your specifications. Then you can choose the one that best fits the disciplines of your program. Obtaining an application essay sample that is well-written means that it complies with all grammar, punctuation, spelling, and general academic criteria.


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Mental Illness Essay Topics Examples and Ideas

If you have a psychological essay to write, there’s a good chance you’ll second-guess whether to focus on psychological stability or one of the more prevalent problems. Many issues from the domains of psychological health and nerve illnesses are covered in essays on mental illness.

The decision of what to write about is important. The correct topic will inspire you to conduct extensive research, make well-informed arguments, and create an engaging conclusion. Additionally, it can assist you pique readers’ interest and encourage them to read your essay in its entirety.

50 Mental Illness Essay Topics

When you have a sincere interest in and are knowledgeable about one particular discipline, it can be challenging to select the best subject. If so, you should have access to as many essay topics on the issue as you can. 50 good essay topics are provided here for your use right away.

  1. The Main Psychological Health Risk Factors
  2. Exploring the Main Reasons for Mental Illness Increasing Rates in Modern Society
  3. The Importance of Elementary Schools Providing Cognitive Health Services
  4. The Effective Ways to Manage Psychological Health
  5. The Most Common Psychological Illnesses in Elderly People
  6. The Most Common Treatments for Depressed Patients
  7. Identifying the Main Factors Affecting Brain Screenings
  8. The Effects of Depression on Psychological Condition
  9. The Main Protective Factors in Mental Health
  10. Difference Between Anxiety Disorders
  11. The Most Common Psychological Conditions and Treatments
  12. The Most Common Psychological Problems in Student Population
  13. Exploring the Relation Between Mental Health and Communal Economy
  14. What Role Risk Factors Play in Cognitive Wellbeing
  15. What are the Benefits of Going Through a Cognitive Health Crisis
  16. Can Poverty  Affect Mental Health and How
  17. The Importance of Improving Psychological and Emotional Health
  18. Common Women’s and Men’s Psychiatric Health Issues: Differences
  19. The Main Factors That Affect Women’s Mental Condition
  20. The Main Factors That Affect Men’s Psychological Wellbeing
  21. What Role Protective Factors Plan in a Cognitive Case
  22. What is the Role of School Programs in Improving Mental Health
  23. Exploring the Relationship Between Community’s Ethics and Psychological Health
  24. Can Child Abuse Cause Mental Health Issues
  25. Trauma and Substance Abuse: Which One Causes More Psychological Problems
  26. People of All Ages Suffer From Mental Health Issues
  27. What Factors Affect Psychiatric Treatment
  28. The Role of Peer Groups In Helping Overcome Mental Issues
  29. Are Mental Issues More Prevalent in Homeless Communities
  30. How Psychological Health Impacts Students Performance in Colleges
  31. The Most Effective Treatments of Common Mental Health Conditions
  32. The Most Effective Psychiatric Screening Procedures
  33. Factors Affecting the Outcome of Psychological Health Treatment
  34. What is Mental Health Care Assessment
  35. Is Psychological Care Available for Low-income Citizens in the US
  36. The Common Mental Health Challenges Affecting All Demographics
  37. The Most Prevalent Brain Disorders Today
  38. Can Trauma Cause Cognitive Problems and Which Ones?
  39. The Most Common Psychiatric Problems Caused by Substance Abuse
  40. Analytic Approach to Psychological Disorder Treatment: What is the Most Efficient Way
  41. The Role of Forgiveness in Achieving Psychological Well-being
  42. The Importance of Regular Physical Activity When it Comes to Improving Brain Condition
  43. Can Physical Health Affect Mental Condition
  44. What is a Mental Health Crisis
  45. How Modern Society Perceives Cognitive Health Psychology?
  46. The Social Media Health Initiatives With Highest Reach
  47. The Most Common Factors That Contribute to Psychiatric Complications
  48. Can Stress Management Prevent Psychiatric Conditions
  49. The Main Causes of Early Childhood Depression
  50. What Are Anxiety Disorders and How to Treat Them

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Even with heavy workloads, our experts are able to execute each assignment on time or slightly early. We are aware of how critical it is for a busy student to complete all assignments on time.

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examples for precis writing

What would you say if you had to summarize “The Merchant of Venice” in 15 to 20 lines? The main events or highlights of a play with more than 2000 sentences would be specifically discussed before you wrap it up. Precise writing is precisely what it sounds like. A common and fundamental literary writing skill that can be used in many contexts and is a key component of the curriculum for classes 8 and 9, bank tests, government exams, MBA admission exams, and other exams, is precise writing. Learn about precis writing, examples with solutions, advice, and a practice worksheet to help you improve your writing.

What is Precis Writing?

There is a synopsis at Precis Writing. It is a compression exercise. A precis writing summarizes any passage in the fewest feasible terms. A precis should include all pertinent information from the original paragraph so that anyone reading it can comprehend the main concept.

Using the aforementioned example as a guide, you won’t add your own opinions and will stick to the characters’ tones and expressions when describing the key moments and happenings in The Merchant of Venice. Additionally, you won’t discuss any unimportant events. This is how writing a precis operates. Making a paragraph or other piece of writing as succinct as you can without having to use a lot of words

When writing a synopsis, you must keep the passage’s theme while without leaving out any crucial details. Carefully read the material before drawing any conclusions about its significance. The initial reading of it might take some time, but subsequent readings may only require a quick scan of the pages. For precise writing to effectively express the same information in a condensed form, a deep comprehension of the story or text is necessary.

Use of Precis Writing

People frequently wish to review the highlights of articles, reports, news, meetings, movies, books, etc. The goal of precis writing in this situation is to convey the important ideas to the audience while maintaining the proportion, tone, and overall theme of the text. The following situations need for precise writing:

.To ensure that students understand the main points of a chapter, precise writing can be utilized to summarize it.
.Companies also employ precise writing for meeting highlights, job descriptions, etc.
.In movies, precis writing is frequently used to summarize the key points of the story.
.in order to convey the essence of a scientific study or research, precise writing is also needed.

How to write a Precis?

Writing a synopsis necessitates a thorough understanding of the elements that will serve as the necessary highlights of the text due to the emphasis placed on keeping a precis concise. Although it may seem simple, understanding a book and maintaining its theme calls for sharp talents and a lot of creative thinking. Here are some simple steps to writing a concise precis.

Qualities of a Good precis

What standards are used to evaluate a precis writing? A good precis should have the qualities listed below.

.precise and exact
.coherent and clear
.good connections
.A suitable heading

Essential rules for a good Precis Writing 

Let’s look at a few pointers to assist you master your precis now that you know how to create one.

Keep your writing succinct and to the point.
Shorten your words. Use ‘because’ rather than ‘due to,’ ‘despite’ rather than ‘in spite of the fact that,’ etc.
Make sure your writing is clear and easy to follow. Stay away from jargon and long sentences.
Keep the main points of the text.
Your content should accurately represent the facts and data and should be a small mirror of the main material.


Title: Human Evolution and Emotions

Human emotions and how they respond to environmental stimuli have evolutionary roots. Emotions are said to develop as a result of repeatedly experiencing a particular event.
According to evolution, certain reactions to specific conditions are what lead to feelings like fear, love, pretense, rage, and disgust. Some idioms are frequently developed or modified as a means of self-defense.

I hope you are now ready to write a well-written precis. Make sure to keep writing because this will help you develop new skills and increase your confidence. Contact our specialists at Leverage Edu if you want to learn creative writing, and they will choose the perfect course to provide you the knowledge and abilities you need. Register for


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