Case Study 4

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Case Study 4

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Case Study

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Anna Bryant, an 88-year-old Caucasian female, is brought to the emergency room by her daughter, Pat. Ms. Bryant complains of right-sided weakness, a severe headache, and not feeling well for the last couple of days. Upon assessment, she is alert, but has trouble answering questions. Her speech is slurred, and she appears frightened. 1. Which additional clinical manifestations would the nurse expect to find if Ms. Bryant’s symptoms have been caused by a stroke? Explain why you chose your answer, using sources to support your comments. A. A carotid bruit B. Hypotension C. Increased deep tendon reflexes D. Decreased bowel sounds 2. While assessing Ms. Bryant every 15 minutes, which of the following findings warrants immediate action? Explain why you chose your answer, using sources to support your comments. A. Glasgow Coma Scale score increasing from 11 to 14 B. Bilateral grip strength is unequal C. Responding only to painful stimuli D. Negative Babinski’s reflex 3. Due to her deteriorating condition, Ms. Bryant is immediately referred to the neurologist. This patient has likely suffered a left-sided brain attack. Which clinical manifestation further supports this conclusion? Explain why you chose your answer, using sources to support your comments. A. Visual field deficit on the left side B. Spatial-perceptual deficits C. Paresthesia of the left side D. Global aphasia 4. Describe two other symptoms with which you would expect this patient to demonstrate given her history. Why?

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