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Case Analysis Paper

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6     Double-spaced (1800 words)

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Case Study

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Argue for an ethical position with respect to an ethical case : Chapter 10: Abortion, Sterilization, and Contraception (pp. 201-224) Case: You are not expected to resolve the issue of abortion, genetics, and so on. Instead, you are only giving a moral recommendation as to what should be done in that specific case. At the end of writing your paper, you should be able to fill in the blanks to the following statement: “After having read my paper, the reader should believe that a person should do __________________ in the dilemma of ____________________________.” The essay will comprise of four parts: (1) Introduction, (2) Argument, (3) Objection, and (4) Conclusion, and will evaluated accordingly: Style and Grammar (10 points): Following format below, using proper citations (MLA, APA, or Chicago), grammar (standard written-English), 12 point font, double-spaced, and using section headings for the Introduction, Argument, Objection, and Conclusion. I also recommend (Links to an external site.) for formatting style guides. Please contact me if you have any other questions about formatting. I. Introduction (10 points): Provide a brief introduction that responds to the following questions in a narrative form (meaning, incorporate your responses into a coherent paragraph): What is the issue you are addressing? Why is it an ethical issue? Why is the issue worthy of discussion? What is the claim that you are defending? (Hint: Thesis statement) What is the method that you will be using to defend the claim? (Hint: What is the source of your evidence? What is the form of your argument?) What is the philosophical implication of your argument? (Hint: What is the benefit of your argument?) II. Argument (200 points): Each premise of your argument (from your outline) should be the topic sentence of a paragraph. The paragraph will offer supporting evidence as to why we should accept the premise. The section should result in the reader recognizing how the premises support your conclusion. Be very clear in stating your premises and conclusion and be sure your argument form is consistent with your introduction. III. Objection (70 points): Since this is a philosophy paper, it is likely that your premises will be questionable. It is unlikely your data itself will be problematic, but what is likely to be questionable is the argument you give for the moral assessment. Consider an objection that someone might offer. I recommend having a discussion with another classmate about your paper or having a friend, roommate, or family member provide you with some feedback (you may use this as part of your interview). In other words, it is sometimes difficult to generate an objection when you are only taking into account your own perspective. Furthermore, since philosophy is a process that involves discussion, it may be helpful to have a discussion about your argument to get a sense of where its strengths and weaknesses are. What is the objection to your argument? What is the significance of the objection? How do you intend to respond to the objection? Does the objection require you to refine your stance or one of your premises? IV. Conclusion (10 points): After having taken into account the objection and providing a response, it will be beneficial to then assess the status of your argument and its implications for the issue under consideration. Briefly summarize your argument. Were you successful in establishing the claim you set out to defend? What was the objection you considered? What is the final status of your claim given the objection? What are some additional implications of your argument? What is left for further consideration given your discussion?

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