Argumentative Philosophy response paper

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Argumentative Philosophy response paper

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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Reaction Paper

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Argumentative paper on Kantian, Natural law, N.A.P., social contract theory, or Feminist Ethics . Explanation: This category concerns how well a student is able to explain to the reader (me) the relevant theory/ theories that are being employed and how they relate to the topic of the paper. Students should always write the paper as if the reader is wholly new to the discussion, while simultaneously, limiting their discussion to what is necessary for their argument. Persuasiveness: All philosophy papers are argumentative in nature, so this section concerns itself with how well a student is able to make a case for their thesis. By this, what is meant is that a student is able to connect together their thesis with their provided materials to make it seem that the claim that was made at the beginning of the paper has merit. This also concerns any and all arguments made by the student throughout their paper. Supporting Arguments: For this section, I look at the supporting materials, such as arguments made by other theorists and relevant information found elsewhere to see if they are being used effectively, that they are relevant to the thesis, to see if enough supporting materials were used given the scope of the thesis, and to ensure that the student both understands and properly explains their point. Counter Arguments: This section mirrors the one above in that I look at the counter arguments provided and examine it for all the same criteria as with supporting ones, but I also look to see if the counter arguments are adequately refuted by the student as well. So, if a student provides a counter argument and does little or no work to persuade me not to side with the counter argument, this will be marked against them.

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