Arguing for and against the death penalty

Essay on the theme: Convince Me:

Requirements: 1250 words; citations in APA format

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In your final essay, you must identify an ethical issue and argue for two opposing sides of that issue. You will do this in twomaller (625 words max) pieces of writing in the style of an op-ed (opinion-editorial piece in a newspaper). Each essay will have two parts. Part 1 will present one side of an issue. Part 2 will present an opposing side of that issue. Each part will consider the ethical issue by using one form of ethical reasoning.  

Your essay should have this structure:

  • Introduction of the ethical issue
  • Part 1: a short argument presenting one take on that issue (625 words)
  • Part 2: a short argument presenting an alternative take on the ethical issue (rebuttal of Part 1) (625 words)
  • Citations


Associated texts that will help you understand this project:

Additional research regarding the topic (feel free to use other reliable resources):

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