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Argumentative Essay (2 pages) 


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The argumentative essay must have at least 3 sources and amount to 2 pages, not counting the title page and “References” (APA) or “Works Cited” (MLA). Review chapters 11, 17 & 18 from Everyone’s an Author for a better understanding of the elements you must include in this paper in order to support your argument. 


The essay should be built around your thesis for your research paper. It must include at least 6 of the following strategies for supporting your argument or thesis. After formulating your thesis support it with at least six of the following argumentative strategies: 


  1. An analogy 
  2. Cause/effect
  3. Comparison /contrast
  4. Definition
  5. Examples
  6. Humor
  7. Narration 
  8. Problem/solution 
  9. Description 


Specify in parentheses which argumentative strategy you are using when you deploy it.

For this assignment only, place your thesis statement in bold font. A good way to set up your thesis is to state some version of the following: 


“Although the consensus is [x], I claim that…;” While some may think [x,] “I argue, however, that…;” Because the reality is [x], I contend, therefore, that….”


Finally pay particular attention to properly formatting your “References” (APA) or “Works Cited” (MLA) page.



Grading Rubric

Meets Expectations To receive a C (70-69) or better, the writing must meet each of the following categories:

Content ? Exhibits comprehension of at least six methods for supporting an argument and has a clearly stated position or thesis. ? Has a purpose (to support an argument)  ? Meets audience needs (by providing a clear indication of why the topic matters) ? Offers a response to what others have said or done Organization ? Gives good reasons and evidence 

Style ? Grammar, usage, and mechanics meet expectations of basic communication.

Strong To receive a B (89-80) or better, besides meeting the above criteria, the writing assignment meets all of the following expectations:

Content ? Represents the genre well. ? Takes care of its audience (is easy to read and understand). ? Is complex enough to be interesting (offers insight of some kind) Organization ? Smooth transitions between well-developed paragraphs Style ? Mechanics meets expectations and represents clear and somewhat concise communication

Exemplary. To receive an A (90- 100), besides meeting all of the above expectations, the writing demonstrates the following:

Content ? The writing is interesting and entertaining Organization ? Transitions are smooth between well-developed paragraphs that support and further the thesis. Style ? Sentence structures are clear, concise, and punctuation shows thoughtfulness and effort.

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