Admission letter into the nursing program.


First and foremost I’m a young mother of a 6year old autistic boy , a 5 year old girl and a 1 year old baby girl , my hands are full but my goal is too show my kids that Mommy had her struggles in life but wants to teach them the sky is the ,limit and its never to late to accomplish your goal or do what you love. Here is my story …… I remember pretend play with my siblings i was always the nurse going to everyone aide. i had  so much fun playing  house with my siblings and at the age of 14 years old I was sexually assaulted by two males which change my life forever. i definitely experienced some rough times. but i never allowed it too break me I have given my all always. I have forgiven those men with a lot of counseling and people who have shown me love over these years I want to give back. I know i can help someone who have experienced what i have and also i lived it so who better to help and assist and let them know things will get better. Im very fortunate and appreciate and thank God for what life offered me. I really have a passion for women’s health and if chosen i will love to learn all the ins and out so i can be the best nurse possible.  I possess empathy, strength, compassion, and loyalty. I was a medical assistant for about 8 years. I worked in behavioral health,  Gynecology, Gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology, and internal medicine where i learned a lot and loved assisting the Physicians who also taught me as I worked, I’m a go getter and always am willing to learn. lastly i gave birth to my daughter last year where i experienced hypertension  after the delivery. i had nurses who kept checking my blood pressure and recording my bp wrong.they placed a bigger cuff ob my arm so my pressure can read lower. after which the constant headache i received i knew something was wrong so i called for my physician who came and immediately checked my pressure and realized it was highly elevated due to the negligence of the nurse and Patient care technician I could of had a stroke once again due to my empathy i didn’t want to get the nurses fired but re-instruction and more refresher courses was definitely necessary. I knew at that point this is what i want to do. I never want someone to feel how i felt and want to assure every patient the proper patient care. this is why if given the opportunity i will not let you down. I work currently as a Station agent for the MTA which have also allowed me to continue my customer service skills and especially during this pandemic still working and assisting the public has been very amazing and i have developed certain skills in moment of crisis and assisting customers and keeping a smile on their faces to assure them yes the world  is rocky right now but we are still here to serve and assist in anyway we can. Although I’m very grateful for my Job if i can be honest i’m not as happy like i would be if i was in Nursing.  In conclusion, I hope i didn’t get to personal but i really want this and will love to be considered and given the opportunity to do what my heart and soul truly desires. 

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Please incorporate this in my admissions letter to the nursing program 

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