Academic probation

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Academic probation

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5/29/2020 8:12:08 PM

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05/30/2020 23:59


Application Essay

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1     Double-spaced (300 words)

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Admission Services-Admission Essay

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I need a statement explaining why I was placed on academic probation. I will provide more information after accepting bid.



“Hello! I was placed on academic probation in junior college. I wasn’t aware of the online attendance policy so my professors dropped me with a F before I was able to withdraw. the next semester was summer I only took two courses. there was a glitch in the system my drop wasn’t processed I did dispute this grade it was 0 out but the grade remains on my transcript. but after that spring and summer semester I was never on academic probation again (community college or university) there were also personal reasons as to why I got behind in my studies in the first place which I explain in my personal statement. Attendance policy: “”Attendance will be recorded beginning the first day of the course. will count attendance for online courses once per week for 8 week and 15 week (full term) courses. Attendance for 4 week online courses is counted twice per week. The student is responsible for all work in the course. Students must participate in 80% of the activities assigned by the instructor to receive credit for the course. Student absences may be excused for legally or medically documented reasons provided to the instructor. The instructor must verify weekly attendance through content-­based assignments in Canvas. “”I am also in dispute with a masters program I enrolled in I withdrew from the program but they are now saying I am on academic probation.””

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