A League of Their Own

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A League of Their Own

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Communication Strategies

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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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You will review the movie (A League of Their Own) with a watchful eye to identify topics, themes, and issues pertaining to intercultural communication. We have explored a plethora of ideas, theories, and topics throughout the semester and you will need to use these to complete this project. You write a 5 – 7 page paper about the movie you’ve watched, discuss at least 5 themes/topics from the movie from those we have covered over the semester that demonstrates the topics you’ve identified in your film. Do not retell the story in your film but discuss each topic by citing the definition of the term you are discussing and state effective examples shown in the movie. Be sure to thoroughly define each topic as listed in your textbook. Use APA formatting when citing references. You must also answer all the questions listed on the grid provided below. You can use any of the topics/theories/subjects we’ve covered all semester but here are a few to use as a springboard for your project. Peace/Economic/Technological/Self-Awareness/Ethical Imperatives (choose one or two) History and Identity Social/Cultural Identities Identity Development Cultural Variations in Language Language and Power Cultural Space Popular Culture/Power/Resisting/Representing Conflict Types/Context Conflict Management Challenges in Intercultural Relationships Dating/Marriage/Online Relationship Issues Communication in Business/Tourism/Education Expectations: I will use the following rubric to grade your final project. You must answer/address each area. Area/Topic/Theme Proficient Identification (uses effective examples and describes in detail) Satisfactory Identification (uses examples and generally describes theory or area) Poor Identification (lacks good examples and is incomplete in describing topics) Overview of the film (2-3 paragraphs) Topic/Theme #1 Define, Discuss, Provide Example Topic/Theme #2 Define, Discuss, Provide Example Topic/Theme #3 Define, Discuss, Provide Example Topic/Theme #4 Define, Discuss, Provide Example Topic/Theme #5 Define, Discuss, Provide Example What did find most compelling about the film and why?

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